Announcing a fantastic new resource that will help your sellers do one of the toughest things - even in a good economy - initiate a new relationship to sell your services and products.

"Selling When You Can't See The Whites of Their Eyes" is an amazing, self paced program developed to help sales people make honest and honerable contacts at a distance, by phone, by voice mail and by email. The program takes selling from planning the opening sales conversation all the way through to asking for referrals after the sale.

The training kit consists of two interlocking parts; the audio programs and the complete course workbook.



Audio Classroom

* Over 3-hours of audio instruction
* Guided self-paced exercises that integrate skills into your sales procedures
* Real-word vignettes performed by professional actors

Beyond a Workbook

* Complete 355 page course workbook & skills reference manual

* Your sales people complete guided workbook tasks after listening to audio instructions and examples

* Your sales people use the workbook to personalize, practice and perfect so they see immediate improvements in confidence and their selling skills

* Process tools and reference materials are easily used as discussion points during your next sales meeting

* Review progress with Chapter Assessment Sheets

* Support integration and accountability for new skills into your selling process with supervisor Discussion Points after each chapter.


Click below to view program information & listen to audio clips:





Here are just a few of the many necessary skills covered:

1. Turn call reluctance into call excitement
2. Learn to demonstrate honesty to customers
3. Create effective opening sales statements
4. Learn to be "different" and "not too different"
5. Give up your fear of objections
6. Find the real objection using OGGI
7. Learn our REAPP(TM) process to overcome objections
8. Turn the gatekeeper or screener into an ally
9. Get through to the real decision maker
10. Tell short true stories to connect emotionally and sell more
11. Build rapport with voice mail
12. Demonstrate professionalism with voice mail
13. Learn a voice mail system that gets call backs
14. AEIOU email process that develops relationships
15. Questions that qualify
16. Questions that uncover needs
17. Questions that prevent objections
18. Questions that overcome objections
19. Questions that lead to the sale
20. Practice when and how to ask for the sale
21. Ask for and get referrals

Recorded at the same studio with the same engineer who produced platinum selling albums for such bands as Cake.


Quality you deserve with content that works at a price that means ROI within one day.

The complete training kit contains over 3 hours of audio
and a 355 page workbook for just

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