No More Objections
55-MINUTE AUDIO COURSE - Including example conversations
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No More Objections
is the foundational audio program of
Selling When You Can’t See
The Whites of Their Eyes

The news headlines, web sites, talk radio and meetings amongst friends are all full of fear. This is the time when your competition will sometimes hunker down and sometimes lie. After completing this course, you will proudly step forth with you head held high and honestly pitch your wonderful products and service. Right there, at that moment, you will be standing head and shoulders above your competition. Lay the foundation of truth telling in a way that validates your customer’s concerns. Lay the foundation of relationships that build in a natural way. Lay a solid foundation and you will support your selling life for years to come..

Listen to a clips from this audio:


After this course you will have more:

  • Sales
  • Appointments
  • Effective Opening Conversations
  • Confidence



Creating Rapport

Rapport Building

Screener as Ally

OGGI That Objection!

Introducing REAPP

Power of the Story
















You will have the ability to:

  • build rapport with our proven "S" curve process
  • counter objections using our 5-part trademarked REAPP process
    • I'm not interested
    • You cost too much
    • I'm happy with your competitor

You will have the skills to:

  • turn the gatekeeper or screener into
    • an ally instead of an enemy
    • a sales coach instead of a barrier
    • an information source instead of a stone wall
    • get screened in, not out

You will gain expertise in:

  • the psychology of the true short story
    • emotionally engage the customer in an honest and honorable way
    • create and strengthen relationships
    • overcome objections
    • and much more


You will set yourself apart by expanding your consultative selling skills in an honest and honerable way with Selling when you can't see the whites of their eyes.

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Selling When You Can't See The Whites of Their Eyes Digital Downlad


Our Audio & Workbook systems are designed for anyone who develops business by phone such as insurance agents, financial planners, appointment setters, telemarketers, call center agents, hotels and small business owners.

This audio program takes you through real world examples, sample scripts, instructions & exercises so you practice, perfect & personalize each process for immediate sales increases.

Professionals who take this course will experience:

  • Less call reluctance
  • Ability to gracefully counter any objection
  • Less resistance from the gatekeeper or screener
  • Build rapport
  • Less trouble getting through to the decision maker
  • Higher & bigger sales

Our strengths based approach develops personal accountability for learning, practicing, perfecting and implementing the skills that will ensure that you continue to become an invaluable consultative partner to your business co-workers, clients and customers.